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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy


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Miriyahm HaNeviah



Kabbalistic Workshops for all seasons
Joy Krauthammer, MBA

"And Miriyahm, the Prophetess...took a timbrel in her hand and all
the women followed after her with timbrels and with dances."  - 
Exodus 15:20

"In the merit of righteous women of that generation were the Children
of Israel redeemed from Egypt."
(and given the holiday of Rosh Chodesh).

 - Babylonian Talmud, (Sotah 11b)

"Your processions are seen, O' G*d, the processions of my G*d, my King, into the sanctuary--
singers in front, musicians behind, between them young women playing hand drums." - Psalm 68:25-26

JOY invites you to offer a workshop for the women in your groups

 Kabbalistically Count the Sephirat HaOmer, 
Sunday, March 18,   
at American Jewish University.

Do You Share Miriyahm's Joyous Attributes and Song?

American Jewish University (AJU), 
Sunday, March 11
10am - 12:30pm
310 440-1246  registration

AJU course # 12WD7J11

Each year in preparation for Passover, and International Women’s Day, 
Joy Krauthammer, spiritual timbrelist, 
offers the workshop

MIRIYAHM HaNeviah ~ Do You Share Miriyahm’s Joyous Attributes and Song?

Open the well of Torah wisdom and insight into Miriyahm the Prophetess.  Discover how Miriyahm “Served G*d With Joy.”  How does Miriyahm inspire us?

What can 'sister' Miriyahm teach us about our self, and our connection to the Source of BlesSings when we look within our soul?

Joy's vision and kavannah is to reflect on the Miriyahm manifesting within ourself, dipping into our own deep well of blesSings, while giving feminine voice to our ancestral sister. 

Miriyahm's miraculous Well (Be'er of Mayim Chayim, living waters) is a vessel of Divinity hidden within each of us and awaits birthing or expansion. In the light of Miriyahm HaNeviah consciousness, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, we examine our Sephirotic attributes B’Tzelem Elokim, in the image of G*d.

* What are our highest values and are they in alignment with our soul and our work as Earth Walker?
* Are we doing what we believe in and what we do well? 
* Are we sharing our gifts as did Miriyahm?

Celebrate yourself in the joyous month of ADAR, and also in the memory of Debbie Friedman, z’l, renowned Jewish composer and singer of “Miriam’s Song.”

"I offer this class in the zechut of my holy chareidi Jerusalem rebbe, Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen, z"l, (born in NY as Jeff Oboler. Reb Yosef died 27 Elul.) - May his neshama have a beautiful, sweet and swift aliyah as he is embraced by all angels and The Compassionate One, whom he dearly loved." - Joy Krauthammer

SARAH'S TENT celebrates ROSH CHODESH IYAR with New Moon rituals.

The Miriyahm HaNeviah workshop for women with Joy Krauthammer in her "Don't Postpone Joy" series, "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" ~ Serve G*d With Joy, is during the Sephirot HaOmer, Counting of the Omer (Omer begins on 16 Nisan, second night Pesach and lasts until Shavuot). The Counting Omer 49 day ritual provides a preparation time for personal awareness, expansion and transformation for a spiritual purification journey from enslavement to liberation. At this tragic time in Israel and the world, it is especially important for us to recognize our own Holiness.

In Light and greater awakening of G*dly attributes, the Sephirot of Malchut sh b'Gevurah - by receiving energies from the entire Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Eitz Chayim - we bring our internal heaven and earth together. Welcome Shekhinah, the Indwelling Feminine Presence, to complete in consciousness, the Gevurah Omer week and to balance our selves with Limitation, Judgment and Strength.

With crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and bells, gongs, chimes, chant, meditation, and timbrels raised in hand, let us joyously sing and dance blessings and praise to the Source of Life in the light of Miriyahm HaNeviah.

MIRIYAHM HA NEVIAH, the Prophetess' yahrzeit is 10 Nisan. In her zechut / merit, Joy Krauthammer offers teachings for our sacred selves on the secret of "SWOT".

Joy's vision and kavannah / intention for this celebration is for us to reflect on the Miriyahm HaNeviah manifesting within ourselves, the spiritual attributes and physical actions in her life that inspire us, and to dip into our own deep Well of BlesSings, while giving feminine voice to our ancestral sister. Miriyahm's miraculous Well (Be'er of Mayim Chayim, living waters) is a vessel of Divinity hidden within each of us and awaiting birthing.

Do you embody the qualities of Miriyahm HaNeviah?
(2 pages from Joy's Book on Miriyahm)

Miriyahm HaNeviah ChArt Midot Qualities
according to SWOT
by Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm HaNeviah ChArt Biblical Sources & Midrash
by Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm Watching Moshe
by Joy Krauthammer ©

Timbrel of Miriam ~ Beginning of Freedom ~ Shabbat Shira
by Joy Krauthammer ©

 Joy Krauthammer and timbrel of Miriyahm
 Louis Raynor  ©

Joy and Miriyahm's Timbrel
photo by Sarah Barash © 
digital edit by Joy Krauthammer

Timbrel of Joy
Percussionist Joy Krauthammer & Moroccan Tambourine
Received at the World Festival of Sacred Music, Morocco.

JOY for Joy painting
by Arielle, sister
photo by Joy K. ©

"To be in Joy's presence is a joy and to hear her teachings is to uplift your heart and spirit."
- Rabbi Judith HaLevy, Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue

"Joy Krauthammer, MBA, serves the Holy One in community from Renewal to Orthodox, playing regularly for congregations B'nai Horin, Lev Eisha, Makom Ohr Shalom, Valley Beth Shalom, and more.
Favorite recent gigs include, the Orthodox community's Hachnasat Kallah, Makom Ohr Shalom's musical at the Jewish Home for the Aged, Shabbat Unplugged at Temple Ramat Zion and Shir Ecstasy Jospel Choir, New Mexico and Oregon. Through her participation in Metivta's Bikur Cholim and Sarah's Tent, Joy has loved sharing healing Sounds of Joy on the Tibetan singing bowls and bells she brought home from Tibet and the Dalai Lama's former Palace."
- Jewish Calendar Magazine

"Joy Krauthammer is a talented person who was privileged to play with Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l, and be a part of his message of love through music to the entire world. Joy is a Jewish woman who cares deeply about her people and all of humanity and tries to provide the means for uplifting the spirit through her ecstatic drumming, timbrel and use of unique percussion instruments. Her heart is as wide as the ocean and when she plays she plays for the Glory of G-d, as it says in the Psalms."
- Reb Hesha Abrams, Dallas, Texas

Joy Krauthammer -- a percussionist and a sound healer--Sounds of Joy, and her bands, OPEN TO WONDER, and KINDRED SPIRITS, are available for musical and spiritual gatherings. 
Contact JOY by writing a COMMENT below, or using her personal contact info, or with FaceBook, or at joyofwisdom1 @ gmail.com. delete spaces.

JOY is also available to play percussion and Miriyahm HaNeviah for all Miriyahm and musical events, including women's pre-Pesach Seders.

Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm HaNeviah 
celebrated at Lev Eisha Pesach
Beaded Kos Miriyahm, and hand-painted Seder Pillow
 by Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriam and the Women Crossing the Yam Suf
Dancing With Their Timbrels
Seder pillow case painting
 by Joy Krauthammer ©  All Rights Reserved

Miriyahm and the Women
Dancing With Their Timbrels
silk painting for Pesach pillow case
(women based on Sivan's design)
by Joy Krauthammer ©  All Rights Reserved

Miriyahm and the Women published in:
"The Shalom Report"
illustrates story:
"The Looooong Narrow Pharaoh and The Midwives Who Gave Birth to Freedom"
by Rabbis Phyllis Ocean Berman and Arthur Ocean Waskow

Miriyahm and The Women 
Dancing With Their Timbrels
silk painting
(women based on Sivan's design)
by Joy Krauthammer ©  All Rights Reserved

Miriam at the Sea detail
Kriyat Yahm Suf
pillow case Painting
by Joy Krauthammer ©  All Rights Reserved

Explosive Timbrels Crossing in Joy
Kriat Yahm Suf
by Joy Krauthammer ©  All Rights Reserved

Miriyahm HaNeviah and Her Timbrels
Kriyat Yahm Suf
hand-painted pillowcase front
by Joy Krauthammer
All Rights Reserved with permission ©

Miriyahm HaNeviah 
Torah. Pesach Exodus hand-painted Pillow case back
by Joy Krauthammer ©  
All Rights Reserved

Miriyahm Seder Pillows
used at Sarah's Tent pre-Pesach Seder
Joy Krauthammer ©

Kos Miriyahm
wired beads
by Joy Krauthammer ©  All Rights Reserved

The Women Dance
with percussionist, Joy Krauthammer
Aviva's garden bridal shower
© Aaron Kirsch

The Women Dance with Their Timbrels...
Aviva's garden bridal shower
 © Aaron Kirsch

Crossing the Yahm Suf
silk painting on tallit
by Joy Krauthammer
All Rights Reserved with permission ©

Dancing Through the Red Sea with Timbrel in Hand
Serve G*d With Joy, "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha"
Silk painting
by Joy Krauthammer
All Rights Reserved with permission ©

Miriam art and photos collage
created by © Joy Krauthammer  
All Rights Reserved with permission © 

Miriam HaNeviah and the Yahm Suf
digital painting over photo by © Joy Krauthammer 
"And the Israelites walked on the dry land within the sea, 
And the water was a wall for them, to their right and to their left." - Exodus 14:29

Miriam crossed the Yahm Suf
digital painting over photo by © Joy Krauthammer 
"And the Israelites walked on the dry land within the sea, 
And the water was a wall for them, to their right and to their left." - Exodus 14:29

Dancing Drummer Gal
(for Remo's Women's Drum Day 2008, with Joy presenting)

Miriyahm & Timbrel
corn husk doll
by Joy Krauthammer ©

Serve G*d With Joy
"Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha"
Joy's business card timbrel
by Joy Krauthammer ©
All Rights Reserved with permission 

sketch for Joy's matzeivah/gravestone
by Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm's Timbrel
Desert Wandering
torn paper
by Joy Krauthammer ©

Joy's Miriam timbrels designed by Layne Redmond of REMO. 
© Joy Krauthammer 
Remo's gift to me.

Joy's Miriam timbrels 
designed by Layne Redmond of REMO & a John Bergamo REMO framedrum
& small percussion
© Joy Krauthammer 

Timbrel Ladies
Gaia Festival
 Joy Krauthammer ©

Dayara Frame Drummers
My Doira on far left is a gift brought to me from Uzbekistan.
Doira AKA daf, dapp, def, daira, dareh, doyra, dojra, dajre, dayereh, dajreja & ghavel.
Dayara is a round wooden hoop, a membrane stretched taut over 1 side, and jangling metal rings hung on the hoop's interior.
(Joy, Laney, Nancy, Rowen Storm, Lisa)

Frame Drummers
Glen Velez (Layne Redmond's, obm teacher) , Joy Krauthammer, Chris Gasci, Laney

Timbrel of Miriam Conference, University of Judaism / UJ/AJU
Joy Krauthammer, organizer, March 8, International Women's Day 1992
Joy's first women's band
Gail Schwartz, Linda Hirschhorn, Suzanne Roth, Arielle E. Levy, Joy Krauthammer

Timbrels of Miriam
Banner by Lisa Rauschwerger and Barbara Gordon
3'x6' felt tapestry for UJ/AJU women's conference 1992
Timbrels of Miriam
International Women's Day
planned by Joy and the women team.
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriam HaNeviah and Timbrel Quilt 
Crossing the Sea
LA Artist presented embroidered and painted fabric quilt to her sister Miriam for 60th birthday. 
 by Ellen Zucker © All Rights Reserved with permission
Pasuk on timbrel represents sister's name, Miriam. Pasuk begins and ends with 'Mem'.
"Guard your heart/mind above all else for it is the source of life."  - Proverbs 4:23

Miriam's Timbrel
Silk Tallit created by LA artist Beverly Rimer 
All Rights Reserved with permission © 
© Joy Krauthammer 

Miriam, Leading the Dance Into the Future
Judaic Art by Fla. artist Jackie Olenick ©
www.jackieolenickart.com  all rights reserved, with permission
Blessed to know Jackie since 1994 and own her art in my home.

Miriam the Prophetess
Judaic Art by Fla. artist Jackie Olenick © 2015
www.jackieolenickart.com  all rights reserved, with permission
Blessed to know Jackie since 1994 and own her art in my home.

painting by Cindy Lutz Kornet
 all rights reserved, with permission

N'Shama Minyan
REMO timbrel from original needlepoint
by LA artist Geri Bieber © (Mother of R. Nina Feinstein) with permission
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm and the Women
REMO timbrel by Betsy Teutsch
Joy Krauthammer ©

Timbrel by Emanuel

Miriam Frame
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm Timbrel
sculpture, Annette's home
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm sculptures
LA and Boston
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Young Maiden by Milo
Bronze on sale on web

Miriyahm Timbrel
plaster sculpture, Joy's home
Joy Krauthammer   © 

Bacchanalian  / Dionysian celebrants
poster of stone relief (Pompeii and the Roman Villa)
Faye's home
Joy Krauthammer  © 

gold leaf painting © Jo Jayson
completed Feb. 2014
www.jojayson.com  all rights reserved. with permission

3.8.2017 Today is International Women's Day. Of all the years I have posted an image to represent this day, this year feels the most relevant. Never before have we seen, experienced and witnessed such a potent and emotionally charged rising of the Woman. As we are triggered by political and world events, Women are hearing a call so loud in their consciousness and are finally collectively rising. As women we are vessels of compassion, wisdom and nurture.....and as Women we know that the way to change the world is through Love not hate. My painting of Miriam the Prophetess is reflective of the role that women now have in shaping and molding a new reality. There have never been more sisterhoods than now, spiritually, politically and community based. Today is a day of celebration of all that we have achieved and all that we, as 50% of the world population have still to protect, defend and rise up for. May you be inspired to rise up to your best and most highest potential today..... Jo xxx  

The Tambourine Player
Charles E├Žile Hippolyte Lecomte Vernet (1821-1900)

Miriyahm Timbrel and Peacock
web screen shot

Timbrel Maiden
web screen shot

(Miriam timbrel) Cybele 
by Sandra M. Stanton

Miriam with Timbrel

Dancer with Tambourine 
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1909
National Gallery London ©
seen at LACMA

Museum Tapestry
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Miriyahm and Timbrel
LACMA/LA County Museum of Art
Joy Krauthammer  © 

SPRING detail
by Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Getty Villa
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Portrait of a Lady of the Court Playing Tambourine
Pierre Desiire' Guillemet 
Pera Museum, Istanbul 1842-1910

Marjam / Miriam
Anselm Feurbach  1829
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Two musician Girls
Osman Hamdi Bey 1880
Pera Museum, Istanbul

Miriyahm timbrel Daf-isfahan

Miriyahm Tanz, Russia

Book cover: The Miriam Tradition by Cia Sautter

All the Women Followed Her
by Rebecca Schwartz

Miriam & Yohevet
©  Phillip Ratner

Miriam's Song 
© Jennifer Judelsohn TJ

Miriam timbrel
Furious Dancing
© Shiloah McCloud

Miriam's Timbrel
micrography lithograph 
by Azulay of Tsfat
Joy's home
Joy Krauthammer ©

Purple Miriyahm
artist unknown

Timbrel Tapestry Banner detail
ALEPH Kallah, artist unknown
Joy Krauthammer ©

Rowen Storm, frame drummer 
Master dayara player
LA Arts Festival
Joy Krauthammer ©

Ruth Fogelman, timbrelist and much more, Old City, Jerusalem
(I love having Ruth guide me in my poetry.)
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyam, Amina Alaoui

Mamak Khadem
Doira frame drum, Skirball 2013
Joy Krauthammer ©

Mamak Khadem
Doira frame drum, Skirball 2013
Joy Krauthammer ©

Mamak Khadem
Doira frame drum, Skirball 2013
Joy Krauthammer ©

Rowen Storm Timbrel Ensemble
 © Joy Krauthammer

Shira Haivri © paints beautiful timbrels
reprinted with permission on FB

Dancing With Fire  - Psalm115
 Fla. artist © Sandy Pond 
Betzalel Or, Jewish Art Guild
http://www.sandypondstudios.com  All Rights Reserved with permission
I appreciate this artist and her artistry, and how she guided me in my painting.

 Dancing with Timbrels
 © 2007 Shoshanna Bauer
 http://shoshannabauer.com  All Rights Reserved  with permission

Miriam Timbrel Dancing,
Silk Painting 
Daniela Weinsweig ©  All Rights Reserved  with permission

Miriam silk Tallit  'Celebration' detail
by www.SilkBijoux.com ©  with permission
Bought by Barbara B. at Contemp. Jewish Museum SF
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriam Song of the Sea 
© Barbara Mendes, LA artist
All Rights Reserved, with permission

Miriyahm Tallit Bag
silk painting by LA artist, Smadar Knobler © All Rights Reserved, with permission
I love having Smadar guide me in my silk painting. 
Joy Krauthammer ©

Miriyahm and Musical Maidens
The Golden Haggadah 1302, Barcelona
timbrels, lute, cymbals, sticks
xerox from Joy's extensive Pesach library

Miriyahm Timbrel

Miriam timbrel with snare

... and the women danced with their timbrels

“Festivities in Honor of King David” 
The procession of the Ark and the dancing of King David 
by James Jacques Joseph Tissot
(French, 1836-1902)
 gouache on board, The Jewish Museum, New York
-2 Samuel 6 

 'David Dances before the Ark' 
James J. Tissot (1896-1902),
 gouache on board, The Jewish Museum, New York
So David went to bring up the ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom to the City of David ....
 The words mean, "in a joyful procession with music and dancing. “
Samuel 6:16
And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD, she ... 
But as the Ark of the LORD entered the City of David, Michal, the daughter of Saul, .... 
The procession evidently passed near David's palace, and his wives and 

Kos Miriyahm, Hebrew - English
gifted to me for my Simchat Chochmah, 60th birthday celebration 
from AriellaShira
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Kos Miriyahm
Mug I purchased.
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Kos Miriyahm
ceramic award winning
by Elee Koplow 2001 ©
gifted to me by Aviva
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Kos Miriyahm
ceramic gifted to me by LA potter, Jerry Eisen
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Kos Miriyahm
Zena's Seder
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Kos Miriyahm
Russ family Seder
Joy Krauthammer  © 

Miriam's Cup
Dancing Day Goblet by Yael Brotman
Joy Krauthammer  © 
Judaic collection of Richard Wortman
(donated 2013 to Skirball Museum)

Handmade paper, silkscreen
27x19x20 cm
"The images silkscreened onto the goblet come from 13th century manuscripts from Germany
 showing Miriam with a tambourine accompanied by singing and dancing women.  
The texts are piyyutim [songs] for Pesach from Medieval manuscripts."

Goblet purchase from exhibition:
"Drawing From The Source: Miriam, Women's Creativity and New Ritual
Invitational Exhibition" 
3.16.1997 - 4.30.1997
Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum
Project by Ma'yan, the Jewish Women's Project, of JCC on Upper West Side

Timbrel Woman
"Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution" 
Skirball Cultural Center
© Joy Krauthammer 


JOY YAHM  (Exodus 15:20)
 © Joy Krauthammer

The partial short pshat explanation for my personalized vanity auto license plate 
 JOY YAHM   (Exodus 15:20)
I've had for last 21 years (since 1986) on the periwinkle purple truck transporting tons of timbrels is:

The story of Miriyahm and her leading the women to freedom with timbrel and song Kriyas Yam Suf  

My plate reads
Y Y = Yehudim, Israelites with arms outstretched in prayer song to YAH in JOY.
JOY = their song in their heart, crossing the YAHM/sea to freedom.

(Miri)YAHM  without the mar/bitterness (Miriyahm HaNeviah, the Prophetess)
 praising YAH  (G*D), 
with  YY = Yehudim community arms outstretched, in JOY
crossing the YAHM/sea, to freedom,

as B'nai Horin / children of freedom with timbrels in their hands.

My Jewish theme encompasses the Four Worlds: Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body.

I, Joy, am a timbrel player. 

In addition, 
I have personalized my auto license frame with Jewish prayer and song.

License Frame:
"Bruchot Habaot Tachat Kanfei HaShechina"

(Singing to the tune of Debbie Friedman's, z'l, prayer psalm, Miriam's Song)
~ ~ ~

“They will praise G*d's Name with dance” (Psalm 149:3)
“Praise G*d with drum and dance” (Psalm 150:4)

Happy I found links for Women Frame drummers

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